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About Wirequeen

Hi! I'm Michelle S. Hawkins the designer and creative force behind the Wirequeen jewelry Art and Home Decor line. Here you will find my handcrafted artisan jewelry and other items I will be adding. I have always created. I attended a technical high school (Cass Tehnical in Detroit, Michigan)as a clothing and textile major. I learned many different creative arts. None of them jewelry making. I went on to more "serious" pursuits in college and law school but the siren song of being creative kept calling me back.

I started doing international trade with the encouragement of my immigration clients. I have been in the international field more than 20 years. Jewelry making more than 15. I started importing beads from Africa (Ghana) and creating jewelry. I later added wire work and found my true Love. Smile

I don't sketch out my pieces but do them freehand. I lot of my pieces I will be adding I dreamed them. I would get up, take wire and gemstones and make the piece. I don't use frames, or pegboards or any aids. Just a couple of pair of pliers, ring mandrels, wire and gemstones.

Its intersting that as soon as I started the wirework my hand clawed and the left side of my body twisted up like a pretzel. I stopped doing the wirework. After 16 weeks of physical therapy, my therapist started me back to doing wirework to help keep my hand from clawing again. I couldn't use the little jewelers pliers so my ex filed down a pair of electricans pliers and cutters that I still use to this day.

I've alway been accused of having one foot in the spirit world and one foot on earth so Ihope you will join me on this journey to see where it goes, purchase and enjoy my dream world.